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FDA Panel Endorses Lower-Dose Moderna COVID-19 Shot For Booster

CBS Baltimore (Health) 10/14 9:28A Health – CBS Baltimore
(AP) U.S. health advisers said Thursday that some Americans who received Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine should get a half-dose booster to bolster protection against the virus. The panel of advisers to the Food and Drug Administration voted unanimously...

Is My Immunity Waning? Doctors Advise Pfizer Vaccine Recipients Not To Worry

CBS Baltimore (Health) 10/13 3:59A Health – CBS Baltimore
(CNN) There s little doubt now study after study, in real life and in lab dishes, in the US and elsewhere that people s immunity starts to wane just months after they finish the two-dose series of Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. While getting two doses...

Doctors Say Trick-Or-Treating Is Safe For Children This Halloween

CBS Baltimore (Health) 10/12 4:11P Health – CBS Baltimore
BALTIMORE (WJZ) With COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths dropping nationwide, doctors say trick-or-treating is one of the activities this fall that we can really engage in with lots of layers of protection against the virus. “We’ve grown in our...

Covid-19 Vaccine Boosters Are ‘Immoral’ And ‘Unfair’, Says WHO Chief

CBS Baltimore (Health) 10/12 3:43P Health – CBS Baltimore
(CNN) Distributing Covid-19 vaccine booster shots in some countries while inoculations across Africa lag is immoral, according to the director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO). The increasing use of boosters is immoral, unfair and...

COVID-19 In Maryland: 20 Hospitalized, 27 Deaths Reported In Last 24 Hours

CBS Baltimore (Health) 10/12 4:29A Health – CBS Baltimore
BALTIMORE (WJZ) Maryland reported 411 new COVID-19 cases and 27 new deaths, according to state health department data released Tuesday morning. The percentage of people testing positive increased slightly by 0.16% to 3.88%. Doctors say the new...

Southwest Cancels Hundreds More Flights; Passengers Stranded

CBS Baltimore (Health) 10/12 3:04A Health – CBS Baltimore
DALLAS (AP) — Southwest Airlines canceled more than 350 flights Monday following a weekend of major disruptions that it blamed on bad weather and air traffic control issues. The pilots union accused the company of a botched response to what it...

Studies Show COVID-19 Worsens Pregnancy Complication Risk

CBS Baltimore (Health) 10/12 2:22A Health – CBS Baltimore
(CNN) Pregnant women who develop Covid-19 symptoms risk emergency complications and other problems with their pregnancies, according to two new studies. The disease also puts their children at risk. The first study showed that pregnant women with...

Maryland Updates Data On Staff Vaccinations At Nursing Homes

CBS Baltimore (Health) 10/11 8:32A Health – CBS Baltimore
ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) Seventeen nursing homes or congregate living facilities have 100% of staffers with at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, while nearly 100 other facilities across the state have reached a rate of 91% or better, according...
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