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University of Maryland announces first presumptive case of Monkeypox

CBS Baltimore (Health) 8/17 11:51A CBS Baltimore Staff
BALTIMORE -- The University of Maryland on Wednesday reported its first presumptive case of Monkeypox. "The staff member has taken all necessary medical steps and is doing well," University Health Center Director Dr. Spyridon Marinopoulos wrote in...

Why calling monkeypox an STD is about more than just a label

CBS Baltimore (Health) 8/16 1:16A CBS Baltimore
(CNN) -- A hallmark of the ongoing monkeypox outbreak is that most cases have been linked to sexual activity, and this has prompted some debate around whether to describe the illness as a sexually transmitted disease. "Many infectious diseases,...

Mental health top of mind as students head back to school

CBS Baltimore (Health) 8/15 3:07A Nicky Zizaza
BALTIMORE -- With Maryland students about to head back to school, an issue on the mind of many parents and health care workers is children's mental health. Experts know that as students return to the classroom, many of them might arrive with a...

Sen. Van Hollen discusses recovery from minor stroke

CBS Baltimore (Health) 8/12 12:44P Amy Kawata
BALTIMORE -- It's been nearly three months since U.S. Sen. Chris Van Hollen suffered a minor stroke. "They said that it was a good thing I came in, because we can see some bleeding in the brain," the 63-year-old said on "CBS Mornings." During a...

What Marylanders make of the CDC's new COVID-19 guidelines

CBS Baltimore (Health) 8/12 11:57A Paul Gessler
BALTIMORE -- After two and a half years of social distancing and quarantine after exposure, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has relaxed its guidelines for COVID-19. Public health experts say the CDC's policy shift reflects the...

More Black NFL retirees win dementia cases in rescored tests

CBS Baltimore (Health) 8/12 6:41A CBS Baltimore
PHILADELPHIA (AP) - Hundreds of Black NFL retirees denied payouts in the $1 billion concussion settlement now qualify for awards after their tests were rescored to eliminate racial bias. Changes to the settlement made last year are meant to make...

CDC updates its COVID-19 guidelines in sweeping overhaul

CBS Baltimore (Health) 8/11 10:35A Alexander Tin
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention unveiled significant changes Thursday as part of a sweeping effort to overhaul the agency's COVID-19 guidance. "This guidance acknowledges that the pandemic is not over, but also helps us move to a...
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