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If you are someone who enjoys an easy and hassle-free vaping experience, vape pods are your best bet. Unlike other vape kits, these pods do not have any complex components - just a small pod filled with vape juice and a battery. Simply click the pod into the battery and you are ready to go. Most of these pods are automatic and you just need to take a drag to turn it on, while there are some which come with a power button or you need to press and hold the button to vape.

Vape pods are designed to target those who are new to vaping, so that they have an easy and smooth vaping experience. As vape pods are small and discrete, they offer maximum impact compared to other vape kits. These are easy to maintain, produce minimum vapour, and are the smallest vape stick designs available in the market. Vape pods come in two designs normally:

  • Pre-filled : These come with the vape juice already filled in and you don’t need to worry about manually filling them. But you won’t be able to experiment with the different vape flavours out there.
  • Refillable : You have to fill the vape juice manually and can try out different flavours. 

Vape pod systems are extremely versatile and can be paired with any regular vape juices and sub-ohm coils so that you can vape at any strength you like. Even though vape pods are easy to use and are all the more similar, you need to choose them carefully depending on what experience you want. Here are some factors you should consider while selecting a vape pod system:

Pre-filled or closed pod system:

  • These are extremely easy to use as you simply need to get a pod pre-filled with a flavour of your choice and then vape away. No need to mess with filling the e-juices and coils.
  • They offer a pretty decent battery life and can last up to 1-2 days once fully charged.
  • They are extremely easy to find and are available in almost every vape shop.


Refillable or open pod systems:

  • These allow you to get any vape juice flavour you seek at any point of the day.
  • If you’re using vape juices with nicotine content, these are a great way to reduce the nicotine intake
  • The pods are reusable and can last a long time.

Vape pods are also easy to carry and do not require much space, even when you are using a refillable pod with additional vape juices and coils. You can simply slip them into your bag or pocket – it is perfect for those who want to remain discrete with their smoking habit. With the option to choose the strength of vape juices, they also help you to battle against the dreadful habit of smoking that you’ve been longing to quit.

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