This is now official and all the existing customers are already aware of this latest happening. If you are yet to hear the news; perhaps this is time to know that will now be known as and Think Global Logistics has already started its operation from this new business identity. The new domain is shorter and can be remembered easily.  Apart from the domain name change, there have been many positive changes that have also gone through on the business operation aspects.

Why the change?

First of all, let me be very honest with you regarding this change in the domain name. This is almost inevitable and was due a long time. As you should know, at Think Global Logistics we work as a team committed to providing you the best possible service when it comes to logistics and transport service. We are always improving our logistics operation to send your products to the desired destination as fast as possible. And we are glad that we are already established ourselves as one of the premier agencies in the logistics and transport field. We were looking for branding which will be short and easy to remember. That’s why fits much better. Remember we haven’t changed our business name, it’s still Think Global Logistics and the domain name describes that most efficiently to our clients.

About Think Global Logistics

Our team at Think Global Logistics provides logistics and transport services that simplify your supply chain needs. Here at Think Global Logistics, our company's mission is to be the best movers of freight whilst focusing on our staff and our customers. We work on both domestic and international markets, with our extensive knowledge of moving cargo efficiently and competitively. We are passionate about moving stuff from A to B! We do it without non-sense and with simplicity. We don't serve to complicate and confuse, we simply want your goods to get to its destination in the most efficient way! We work hard to ensure our staff and clients are always looked after, well supported, and together become the community that is Think Global Logistics.

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