I am bold and fearless when it comes to loving my family. I wish I could document everything all the time; every giggle, every first step and even every ouchy that creates this wild yet wonderful journey of motherhood, but I can't do that and neither can you. So I'm here that way when you do get to, I can help pull out those emotions and freeze them for a lifetime! With motherhood comes struggles but it's the most beautiful and wonderful time in a woman's life. Far to often we forget to prioritize documenting this marvelous journey. Sometimes we fear how our kids will behave or we just haven't thought about the day that will come when we can't hold our littles anymore. We don't think about what it'll be like later down the road and missing those memories, not having them in a frame or canvas to remind us of those days when we held their tiny hands; and then life passes by. We all have memories in our minds but to see it helps us re-live those moments more vividly. Your children will grow up to bring their children or even their children's children to show them all the love you had and where they came from. A photo is more than a photo, it's a family heirloom and I strive to capture candid and authentic emotions so you can remember just how you felt in that moment even 20 years down the road. My greatest joy is getting to witness the beautiful transformations you go through on your journey while capturing the most precious milestones in your life.
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