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Looking for things to do in Waldorf comes with a surprisingly broad range of options. This friendly community nestled in the suburbs of Washington, in southern Maryland, is more than a bedroom community. Located in the heart of Charles County, the city of Waldorf, MD beckons with many exciting things to explore and experience. Whether you’re already a local resident or a visitor seeking a memorable adventure, Waldorf has something for everyone. From outdoor lovers to culture enthusiasts, there is a diverse range of options to explore. 


History buffs are invited to take a journey through Waldorf’s history and discover the many historic sites in and around the city. Visitors can immerse themselves in Waldorf’s natural beauty by exploring scenic parks and trails. For those seeking a nice dose of retail therapy, the city is home to numerous shopping centers. So, pack your sense of adventure and discovery, and get ready to uncover Waldorf's hidden gems!

Notable growth

Located approximately 23 miles south of Washington, D.C., this census-designated place has grown remarkably. With a  population nearing 80,000 residents in 2023, Waldorf has experienced a tremendous surge. Since 1980, when it housed less than 5,000 residents, its population has multiplied sixteenfold. Today, Waldorf proudly holds the title of Southern Maryland’s largest commercial and residential area, all while retaining its idyllic suburban charm within the Washington metro area. It’s a place where history, rustic allure, and urban flare merge with ease. How did it all begin? It all began with tobacco. 

Historic sites to visit in and around Waldorf, MD

Waldorf, MD, used to be mostly farmlands, and most people earned their living from tobacco farming and trading. Waldorf is renowned for its contemporary amenities and suburban lifestyle. But it also holds a treasure trove of historic attractions that provide glimpses into its rich past. These sites offer curious visitors the chance to delve into the captivating stories and heritage of the region. History buffs, here’s what awaits you! 

Historic Port Tobacco Village 

Visiting historic Port Tobacco Village offers a captivating journey into Maryland’s colonial past. Once a thriving port town and the seat of Charles County, it still exudes its historic charm. Preserved buildings like Stagg Hall, Port Tobacco Courthouse, and the Burch House allow visitors to step back in time and gain insights into the region’s early days. 

Dr. Samuel Mudd House Museum

Just a short 10-minute ride from Waldorf, this preserved historic site was once home to Dr. Samuel A Mudd. The doctor is known for treating John Wilkes Booth, the assassin of President Abraham Lincoln. The house’s exhibits, period artifacts, and insightful narratives explore Dr. Mudd’s connection to this event in American history.

Thomas Stone National Historic Site

The Thomas Stone National Historic Site is located approximately 13 miles southwest of Waldorf, in Port Tobacco. The attraction invites visitors to take a step back in time. It commemorates Thomas Stone, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. The site showcases Stone’s residence, known as “Haberdeventure”. The house is open and welcomes visitors for guided tours. Engaging exhibits and interpretive programs further illuminate Stone’s remarkable life. Exploring the grounds provides a deeper understanding of his contributions to the founding of the United States.

Shopping opportunities

While exploring Waldorf, don’t miss out on shopping opportunities! From well-known retailers to local boutiques, the city offers a diverse shopping scene. Waldorf is home to several major retailers and shopping destinations. The many retail options ensure a satisfying shopping experience for residents and visitors.


For those looking for a one-stop shopping experience, the St. Chares Towne Center is a popular choice. This large indoor mall features a wide range of stores. National chains, department stores, fashion boutiques, and specialty shops cater to all preferences.


Waldorf Marketplace is another prominent shopping destination. It offers a mix of big-name retailers, restaurants, and entertainment options. The Festival at Waldorf Plaza also provides various retail options. There's a big variety of clothing stores, electronics, and dining places, as well.

Outdoor fun

For those seeking outdoor adventures, Waldorf and its surrounding areas provide ample opportunities. From parks and trails perfect for hiking and biking to recreational facilities for sports enthusiasts, there’s no shortage of options to enjoy the great outdoors. Here are a few to check out.


Located in nearby Dentsville, Gilbert Run Park is a picturesque outdoor destination. It offers scenic trails, a serene lake for fishing and boating, and picnic areas. Purse State Park, situated along the Potomac River, provides breathtaking views. It's a great place for discovering diverse ecosystems. The park offers opportunities for activities like hiking, birdwatching, and kayaking too.

Smallwood State Park is located on Mattawoman Creek. Visitors can enjoy hiking trails, a marina for boating and fishing, and open spaces for picnicking and camping. Visitors can also explore the nearby Smallwood Retreat House, steeped in Revolutionary War history. These outdoor havens in and around Waldorf allow for relaxation and outdoor recreation. Visitors have the chance to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the region.

The cultural scene in Waldorf, MD

Waldorf, MD, is alive with a vibrant and diverse cultural scene. Art centers and music venues add a touch of extra richness to the lives of its residents. The community embraces the arts, music, and local traditions, fostering a spirit of creativity and openness. Throughout the year, Waldorf plays host to an array of cultural events. Captivating art exhibits, performances, and festivals bring talent to town. Music enthusiasts are in for a treat, with concert venues and festivals offering plenty of genres for every taste. Waldorf doesn’t host a traditional downtown area. But its diverse and dispersed development makes an equally appealing experience. For art exhibits, visitors can explore the two art centers in Waldorf. Mattawoman Creek Art Center and Indian Head Center for the Arts host various artistic performances.


Waldorf, MD, proves to be a captivating destination that offers a wide array of activities and experiences for visitors and residents alike. From exploring the rich history and heritage to immersing oneself in the vibrant cultural scene, there is no shortage of things to do in the city. For nature enthusiasts, Waldorf and its surrounding areas boast picturesque outdoor destinations. Gilbert Run Park, Purse State Park, and Smallwood State Park provide opportunities for outdoor fun.

The city offers a diverse shopping scene. From major retailers at the St. Charles Towne Centre to unique boutiques and dining experiences, there's something for everyone. Whether you’re seeking history, culture, outdoor adventures, or retail therapy, Waldorf has something to offer everyone. So, embark on a journey of exploration, and let Waldorf delight you with its well-known charm and abundance. And if you feel like the city could become your home, contact local real estate agents in Waldorf MD, for more information.